Mediation & Arbitration



Mediated compromises have a growing prominence in our work, particularly in estate, trust and property disputes. Shan Warnock-Smith QC, Miranda Allardice, Penelope Reed QC and Barbara Rich are accredited and experienced mediators who are available to act in mediations both nationally and internationally.

Henry Harrod, Michael O'Sullivan, Joseph Goldsmith, Charlotte Edge and Ruth Hughes have also been trained and accredited as mediators by ADR Chambers.

All members of chambers who act in civil litigation across our fields of expertise have experience of acting as advocates at mediations.

Our chambers newsletter of April 2014 featured mediation, with articles written by Miranda Allardice, Michael O'Sullivan and Barbara Rich. Click here to download or read.

On 22 May 2014 we ran a seminar entitled "Mediation - How to Make it Work" with particular reference to "Mediating a Troubled Estate". This took the format of a workshop with a panel discussion and our mediators were present. Copies of the delegate pack can be downloaded here.