The selection process and selection criteria


How many pupils do you take on?

One pupillage a year.

What is the selection process?

Once the deadline for applications has passed, members of the pupillage committee select applicants for the interview rounds on the basis of the application forms received.

We then hold the first round of interviews. The first round typically involves a legal problem. Applicants are given a period of time to review the problem and submit a short piece of written advice for a putative ‘client’. The interview, typically attended by a panel of two members of chambers, features a discussion both of the applicant’s personal background and of issues arising from the legal problem.

Based on applicants’ performances in the first round, around 6 candidates are selected to attend a second round. The second round involves those selected spending a day in chambers working on a second legal problem. The interview takes the form of a mock conference, at which the applicant is asked to advise the interview panel of several members, who act as clients.

Requests for feedback on your application should be sent to Annie Girling and must be made before the deadline which will be posted here shortly.


When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications for pupillage starting in October 2018 is 15 January 2017.


When will I hear the result of my application?

We aim to get back to you within one month of the deadline for applications.

What are the criteria for awarding pupillage?

We look for candidates who demonstrate strong powers of legal analysis and a capacity to express complex arguments clearly, both orally and in their written work. In addition we try in interview to test the ability of candidates to think on their feet.


Do you prefer graduates with law degrees or those who have converted to law?

We have no preference either way. In our experience those who have come to the Bar with a law degree and those who have converted to law are equally successful in practice.


Does it matter that I have not been to Oxford or Cambridge?

Not at all. We have no preference for Oxbridge graduates and a significant proportion of members of chambers are non-Oxbridge.


Does it matter that I do not have a first class degree?

No. We look for an excellent academic record and require a minimum 2:1, but do not require a first at any stage of the selection process.


Are pupillage applicants required to undertake a mini-pupillage before they apply?

There is no requirement to complete a mini-pupillage before you apply to us for pupillage. However, a mini-pupillage undoubtedly enables you to gain a greater appreciation of the type of work that we do and to decide whether you would like to apply. We therefore encourage those who are interested in pupillage to apply for a mini-pupillage first.